The bride and groom before the photo should pay attention to?

&Nbsp;    wedding photography is the best Memorial for marriage, in order to leave the beautiful timeless images. Guilin zero Visual Studio from dresses,  , photography, consists of three parts, a perfect combination of the three, is key to the wedding. &Nbsp;

therefore, has a remarkable set of wedding photos, zero Visual Studio of Guilin reminded the MM to each couple prior stylists and photo   communication,  on assignment according to personal preferences and respected stylists, photographers and professional consensus positions and proposals of each other, so as to make the two most perfect sense, to avoid a "formula for wedding photos."  


1. shaved  

2. wash your hair clean, but do not spray and shape of water.  

3. as far as possible according to the agreed time, do not delay, so as not to take sufficient time.  

4. the photo first half a haircut, don't cut away from photos a week.  


1. before the photo is 2 days, peeling beauty every night with a moisturizing mask. During the filming of the day to keep skin moist and beautiful, easy on the makeup.  

2. wearing an open collar dress, easy to change her makeup.  

3. wearing open lingerie, strapless bras. Best stealth underwear.  

4. his face to come, with daily use of butter and cream, make-up by make-up artists required before use.  

other matters:  

1. keep lighten up, smile.  

2. take pictures the day before, the mood to relax, it is best to rest early, getting enough sleep, not to drink too much water before going to bed to avoid puffy eyes on alternate days.  

3. who wish to take pictures with glasses, the lenses should be removed, leaving only the frame to prevent reflection phenomenon in a lens.  

4. photos of large lamps may hurt the eyes, make the eyes appear red bars should bring along the usual eye drops and moist eyes.  

5. If not satisfied with the model, makeup artist put forward in a timely manner, to restyle.

     Guilin zero Visual Studio detail, hoping to help the upcoming wedding of MM.