Autumn shooting attention

&Nbsp;   mention of autumn, we must be clear and crisp, Yes, autumn clouds in the most beautiful four seasons, when we shoot, if the clouds into the picture, you can add to the picture the wonderful atmosphere and endless fun and makes the photo more vivid. However, when filming blue sky against the background of the landscape, if sky photometry will be overexposed, solution is to meter the scene on the ground, and then reduced according to the measured exposure, ensure the sky is not too critical, desaturation. If the lens can be attached with a filter, then using polarizers in the fall season, away as far as possible (that is shot and the Sun's rays at a 90-degree angle) shot, the sky can appear more blue.
Clouds will also be scrutinized by the effects of sunlight, light intensity, angle of high and low, will directly cause its performance variation and depth of tone. Especially in the early morning and at dusk, clouds of color and nuance is rich and colorful: when the sun rises, was livid, pale rose, and when the sun rises, their concessions into light greenish blue, white.  At this time, clouds of color can be changed by changing the exposure, if you want to downplay it, can increase when you shoot 2, 3 exposure, if you want to strengthen it, small 1, 2 exposures, can make deeper stronger.