Expression of details in the wedding photography

&Nbsp;  in wedding photography in the process, we occasionally encounter such a situation. MM in front of the shot will tell us: "I'm not photogenic, pictures come out ugly", "I always laugh unnaturally", "I should not take pictures, shoot out was like", "I'm always embarrassed smile." Each time you encounter such a situation, we always have to spend time to MM for ideological work, encourage and guide the right way.
In fact, these concepts are seriously affecting the photographic effects of negative thinking, which is actually MM's psychological shadows, the shadows may be the cause of one kind or another. This is like when we drive, one foot on the brake, one foot on the accelerator, is bad.

like MM said, "I always smile very embarrassing", if the photographer did not correct her misconception, even tried everything, take out pictures would be very awkward! We know that people in life, no one will laugh at the Exchange was very awkward, embarrassed smile when photography, but she was to meet her potential knowledge, intentionally awkward smile.   If we tell MM some good ideas, this problem can be eliminated. First, take pictures to have a relaxed attitude, just play the same, listen to photographer's command, drop everything and psychological burden, natural can be a fun, take out pictures must be the nature of the show, must be very natural. Don't believe the free evaluation of non-professionals, don't to bad himself also defined, which will directly affect the results. It's like a tree, the root if it is crooked, how in Earth up next to useless, misconception not corrected, photographer exhaust mixing solution is useless, because it is guest himself. If these adverse psychological burden, most can shoot very well.
We must promote right thinking style among themselves. For example, girls are more beautiful, you can keep thinking that I am beautiful, I am very happy, this is where the heart is, natural vivid expression. If you don't take the big beautiful women, it does not matter, you can think of, I am very happy today and very happy, today is a very meaningful day in my life ... ... This natural flow, often very beautiful.
Although it is small, but very important, special instructions, be sure to clear the mental garbage bad for shooting before shooting, taken with a confident, relaxed and happy mood to meet, with the relaxed mood, to create the most beautiful yourself!
We very much hope that for every MM take form and spirit photos, but only if, MM natural smile Oh you want. If you don't laugh, no matter who is the film a natural look.
Smiling, we hear a photographer after the signal, smiling for two seconds, so smile for a short time do not face stiff, our photographers capture of Kung Fu is good, smile one second can be taken, if the expression to come out.
&Nbsp;   sincerely wish all people tangible spirit photos, the most beautiful moments!