Wedding photos-24 points to do a photo beauty

&Nbsp;  wedding photos, do a photo beauty is the most formal wedding the most brilliant records. You naturally want to make under each photo that you have taken your people's position. Professional photographers, hair and beauty experts know best how to strengthen your advantage before the camera. Here are the experts on some suggestions for taking pictures:
1, remember to make Foundation and neck match: Select yellow base – avoid the use of regulating too pink or too orange color. If you have flawless skin unblemished, can save the Foundation directly powdered.
Plain 2, choose those that are soft and neutral colors. You can choose your skin a darker color so that the color of your skin can truly reflect on film.
3, avoid very bright at the eye and cheek color. Because the light will clearly show your face in every detail. And once is not smooth, hard line will stand out in the photo.
4, looking for some level of lip gloss. Do not use bright lipstick. If the lips are dry, may wish to use some lip balm.
5, remember that outdoor light makes your face appear bleak. Direct use of sunlight, shadows and lines. The light shade will look better. Warm light in the room is also a good choice.
6, if you want to take a black and white picture, color photo, because it is different from the makeup of the two photos you need. Color photo-like pastel colors in pink, pink and light blue-the better, and simply don't see in black and white. Colour finished shooting, you use dark brown lipstick, in the black and white is bright. Note: red, bronze and Brown look deeper at the black and white film, is still the primary colors in the color negative.
7, eyebrows must be combed in the photo. If you want to fill the whole eyebrow, note with shadow, not underlined, so the effect is more gentle.
8, if the inflammation of eye redness or pain, on the morning of the wedding day special eye drops drop by drop, and then putting on makeup.
9, if you pick the glasses taking photos, to take 1.5 hours in advance, leave grooves in case of nose.
10, hairstyles and concise – long form is complex, you will be not used. That will pull long hair into a bun, curly hair, is a very good hair. Do not use too many decorations, your hair for less than a day.
11, if you have curly hair, doesn't leave a lot of space on this volume. This will make your hair look very empty in the photo, even if you hair is very thick.
12, balance your hairstyle and hair accessories. If your hair is very complicated, so using a simple hairstyle and vice versa.
13, professional hairdresser and beautician, they know what works best on your photos.
14, please don't leave your beautician in the first 3 hours. If your budget allows, or high temperature environments in the wind made some improvements.
15, a good relationship with your photographer. This will help you find good in front of the camera.
16, some joke, naturally, communicate with each other--this will set you apart.
17, completely relaxing your facial expressions and postures (massage is a good idea the day before).
18, hold up your train, so your face won't appear very dull, you move easier.
19, and choose a simple bouquet of flowers, so it won't seem more glamorous than your face.
20, photographer, tell you the strengths and weaknesses of your face, so he can better select the angle. For example, you are swimming enthusiasts, wide shoulders, the photographer will give you a slight lateral shot, or play soft, so your face is even more striking.
21, for a very short or very tall bride, photographers would choose continuous-backgrounds or no background of the horizon, so that your height is not conspicuous.
22, the most beautiful bride in must use appropriate light and posture be strengthened, in front of the cameras emphasize her "good side".
23, to a bunch of complex products to your bouquet designers, can be carried on their wedding day, professional photographic studio is able to achieve this.
Prior to 24, get a restful night's sleep. In front of the picture, this is the first important!

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