Six mistaken ideas of brides choose wedding dress

Error: bride-to-be feel thicker arms, arm, should wear gloves modified

Guilin zero Visual Studio gloves is a good wedding dress accessories, trimmings and dot can play a role, but if new   pussy really is the arms of the more rough, then selecting the gloves to modification is wrong.

typically, gloves are white or ivory champagne, is a very light color, give the feeling of an expansion from the Visual. So if arms thick gloves will not be able to play the role, but seemed to arm more coarse and   and gloves is very flexible, if the arm is straight, slender gloves feels very smooth, otherwise, it will be stretched on the arm, the special exaggeration to sketch out the arm lines and they don't look good!

myth: Satin wedding dresses wedding good yarn quality

This is a many associate bride are some errors, think satin surface wedding explicit of more noble, also is wedding itself compared has grade, actually this is not of, wedding of material does can displayed show different of temperament, but wedding is a   clothes, it is used to foil people of, in other words, selected satin surface also is yarn quality of wedding is to according to bride of temperament, and personal preferences and so on to decided of, some bride long of compared atmosphere, or like is elegant of wedding, so selected satin surface wedding is   Good, but if the bride look sweet, lovely, lively, then wear satin wedding dress will look too heavy, wedding clothes without coordination will occur, so that the bride is more suited to yarn wedding gown, it is lively and  , elegant. .........

myth three: winter wedding dress with sleeves

brides can think from jieqin, hotels, weddings ... People on the outside is a very short period of time, indoor air conditioners are turned on during the winter, and along a new emotional, Guilin freezing cold is certainly not of Visual Studio. Of course, if you select wedding dress styles is the sleeve, as long as their   would be nice

myth four: there is no devil will be worn fishtail wedding dress

many brides on their body the very demanding at the same time, we are willing to show their best appearance, always think sexy is rare, but not impossible, fishtail wedding dress is made ready for the devil woman,  It's not.  

     fishtail wedding dress requirements are not tall, as long as your stomach is not the "life preserver", you can. Fishtail wedding dress has a very good role, fitted fishtail wedding dress, put on will make people look very "thin  ", while styles will make people look very attractive, very dignified, very grand, we may as well give it a try, maybe you can't imagine the effect of Oh ~

myth five: blindly follow professionals recommend

wedding in each woman heart are is unlimited sacred of, prepared wedding of trivia is usually lane of associate bride are burn, purchase himself Italian of a paragraph wedding is most important of work, so everyone kept of find turned see various website, magazine  , looking for himself of ' most love "but more see more dazzled, more see more didn't has idea, then associate bride are on put more of hope hopes to has wedding shop of professional people are body. Such not: first, purchase wedding has many elements to consider,  bride of height, figure, temperament, preferences, except these everyone are know of yiwai, also has many need consider of factors, like: bride to people of feel, bride hope in wedding Shang show what of temperament, even wedding participate in of number   how many, scenes size, married banquet site style, married banquet form and so on many factors, we to for bride purchase a paragraph fit, timely of most perfect of wedding, Guilin zero Visual photography of brides we talked for a long time, we as friends, chat in the process, bride spread   message helps the wedding dress to buy.