Bridal selection note four

&Nbsp;   first of all, the selection of films: don't consider photos of light and dark, strong or weak, because our Guilin zero Visual Studio photographers in post-production effects, often owed a bit of exposure. Important thing is to choose your favorite facial expressions, movements, perspective, composition, etc. Guilin zero Visual Studio reminding you in particular emotions and actions cannot be modified by later.

     Secondly, after the selection: special instructions and requests for photos, please give a detailed description (for example, Mole on the man's mouth not to). PS is amazing, but not universal, Guilin Visual Studio zero in some places and some of the details are there is no way to modify. The need to communicate new designers.

     again, when large selection: must indicate the enlargements of the number, size and material. Note: large within the intensive selection!

after the final, the selection is confirmed about 30 days, our Guilin zero Visual Studio designer will notify new finishing and design, the new "identified" within 15 days or so, will inform the couple takes all of the finished product.